• Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Wood Fence

    When in its best condition, a wooden fence can do extraordinary things for a home’s curb appeal. When left to fade, rot, and crumble, a wooden fence can make passersby wince and opt out of touring the interior of the same home. If you have decided to install a wood fence on your property, you have to take care of it. Here’s how:

    Stain It

    Staining your fence is a great way to enhance its aesthetic appeal and protect it from the elements. Compared to most paints, fence stain holds up very well against rain, hail, and snow. Fence staining is affordable and can be carried out as a DIY task.

    Seal It

    A waterproof sealer can help your wood fence endure exposure to moisture and UV rays that would otherwise dull it rather quickly. Consult your fence contractor at the time of installation regarding what brand or type of sealer is best for the wood you have chosen for your fence.

    Deep Clean Annually

    Staining and sealing your fence will protect it from most common sources of fence damage. Still, dirt and debris will accumulate and, over time, your fence will show signs of wear. Once a year, spray your wood fence with a high-pressure power washer. Stand approximately two feet away from your fence’s surface, and do your best to apply water evenly. Once you have sprayed the entire fence, scrub and brush away remaining dirt with a household cleaner mixed with three parts water and one part oxygen bleach.

    Replace It

    Barring damage from natural disasters, a well-built, properly maintained wood fence can last for up to 15 years. When your fence starts to lean or its appearance takes a brutal turn for the worst, it may be time to hire a fence installation professional to replace it.

    As a leading fence contractor in Chicagoland for more than 20 years, Fence Connection, Inc. knows fences. We know how to design, install, repair fences. If your Chicago-area property’s wood fence requires repair or needs to be replaced, call (847) 388-0321 to speak with an experienced commercial and residential fence contractor today.

  • A Brief Guide to Your Wood Fence Options

    Low-maintenance fence materials such as vinyl and composite have been made to resemble wood so homeowners can have that natural wood look without having to stain and reseal their fences. Still, faux wood is not wood, and some people would prefer to have their property boundaries marked with a real wood fence.

    If you want a wood fence on your property, but are undecided about what species of wood to use, it is important to do some research before making your decision. Cedar and redwood are the most popular choices because they are naturally more resistant to rot and damage from pests than most wood species, but pine, mahogany, and other hardwoods are also still used in the construction of fences.

    Choosing a species of wood is just the first step in this process. After you decide, one must choose a fence type: shadowbox, picket, lattice, stockade, etc. If you are looking for an experienced commercial and residential fence contractor to custom install a wood fence on your Chicagoland property and answer any questions you may have throughout the process, call Fence Connection, Inc. at (857) 388-0321.

  • Selecting a Decorative Fence for Your Home

    On residential and commercial properties throughout the Chicago area, fences serve many purposes. In many cases, one of the primary functions a fence serves is decorative. If you are looking to build a fence that fits well in the context of your home’s exterior or your yard’s design, check out this brief educational video.

    In it, fence professional Ben Brown discusses a handful of decorative fence styles. These include the Asian-inspired fence, which is often incorporated into yards that are designed with Japanese gardens in mind, and the baluster fence.

    Whether your home and yard are traditional or modern, Fence Connection, Inc. can custom install a fence that is perfectly suited to its environment. To speak with one of our Elgin-based fence contractors, call (847) 388-0321.