• Proper Cedar Wood Fence Care

    The aesthetic appeal, versatility, and durability of cedar make it one of the most popular choices for fences around the country. Cedar wood fences are both affordable and naturally beautiful and can complement any style of house. If you are considering cedar fence installation or are already the proud owner of a cedar fence, review these guidelines for proper fence care.

    Initial Installation

    Having a trusted fence company install your cedar fence is the first step to ensuring that your fence both looks great and lasts for years to come. Be sure that your fence company doesn’t set the posts into concrete and instead installs the posts directly into the ground. Cedar fence boards should be planted at least two inches from the ground to prevent rotting and allow for proper water drainage around the posts.

    Proper Maintenance

    Your cedar fence requires only basic maintenance once it has been properly installed. First, avoid letting excess water hit the fence whenever possible. Of course, preventing rainwater from falling on your fence is hardly practical, but make sure to place sprinklers away from the fence. Next, cut down any weeds and vines that begin to grow on your fence, and try to limit landscaping to the fence’s perimeter.

    Regular Cleaning

    Undertake a comprehensive cleaning at least once per year to keep your cedar fence’s attractive red tone and make sure it resists warping, insect infestation, and rot. First, combine three quarts of warm water with one quart of bleach. Spray the solution onto your cedar fence using a garden sprayer and allow the liquid to sink in for no more than 10 minutes. After scrubbing the fence to remove any growth, mildew, or dirt, rinse the wood with water.

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  • Exploring the Natural Properties of Cedar Wood

    For centuries, Native Americans prized cedar wood for its long-lasting durability and natural aesthetic beauty. With its straight grain, uniform texture, and relatively light weight, cedar is regularly incorporated into everything from home siding to structural decking to sturdy fences. Find out why cedar is relied on by fence companies everywhere by reviewing the unique properties of this remarkable wood.

    Decay Resistant

    Cedar wood fences naturally resist decay, rot, and damage from insects due to special properties in the wood itself. Western Red Cedar actually contains elements that are toxic to certain fungi and make the wood water soluble. Other natural-occurring substances in the cedar tree repel moths, termites, carpenter ants and bees, and beetles. These pesky insects can inflict serious damage on other wood fences, but most pests simply don’t enjoy the taste of cedar and prefer to eat elsewhere. The oil in cedar wood even kills termites.

    Highly Durable

    The less dense a wood is, the less it will shrink and swell in response to environmental changes in moisture. Because cedar wood has an extremely low density, cedar fences remain stable even in climates that experience a great deal of rain or snow. The wood is naturally long-lasting. When properly finished and maintained, cedar fences can deliver decades of low-maintenance service.

    Extremely Versatile

    If you are considering cedar for your siding, fence, or furniture, there are few more versatile woods to choose from. Western Red Cedar lumber offers a ride range of grades, finishes, thicknesses, and length. For example, cedar wood is available in both clear or knotty grades with combed, rough, or smooth finishes. You can also select from kiln dried, unseasoned, and flat or vertical grains.

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  • All About Cedar Lumber

    Cedar lumber is a member of the redwood family, and untreated cedar is highly valued for a wide range of construction projects for its lasting beauty and durability. As you will learn in this video, cedar lumber is a good material for fences because it can withstand even tough elements for decades.

    Cedar is regularly used in siding, fences, and leveling cabinets because it deteriorates so slowly. For fence installation or home repairs, this can also make cedar more dangerous than other forms of lumber if it is inhaled into the lungs. If you are considering cedar for your home or business, be sure to contact professionals who have experience working with cedar.

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  • Fence Styles: Picket

    Picket fences are short, decorative fences characterized by evenly separated posts connected with a horizontal top and bottom rail. Posts range from 36 to 48 inches in height and feature a top which tapers into a point, referred to as the “picket.” These idyllic fences are traditionally made from white-painted wood, although vinyl and PVC are often used for a continually fresh and clean look. Picket fences create an eye-catching border around a home or garden and have long been the symbol of the American middle-class dream to own a house with a clean-cut yard and fence. These fences are used for primarily ornamental purposes, as they are not designed to provide privacy or contain pets and children.

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  • Choosing a Vinyl Fence That Meets Your Needs

    Once you’ve decided that it’s time to install a vinyl fence around your home or yard, the next big step to take is to determine what style of fencing you require. There are three major types of vinyl fences that differ based on the specific purpose that they serve. The first, a solid privacy security fence, is often right around six feet or taller and contains narrow slats. Semi-private decorative fences offer some element of security and privacy but have wider spacing between beams to show off landscaping. Short picket fences that are low to the ground serve to safely contain pets and children inside the property.

    After choosing the type of vinyl fence that best suits your home, you can personalize it further by choosing amongst different color and style options. To learn more about picking out a vinyl fence that meets your needs, take a look at this helpful video.

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