• Tips for Keeping Your Dog from Jumping the Fence

    A combination of fence height, fence material, exercise, and training with your dog can help keep him or her from jumping your fence. Watch this video to find out more.

    It’s important to have a fence of a certain height to contain your dog. Consider a fence that’s at least six feet high, and keep in mind your breed of dog when choosing your fence material. Chain link can be climbed by some dogs and allows dogs to see tempting objects on the other side. To help discourage your dog from climbing or jumping over your fence, be sure to provide him or her with appropriate training and exercise.

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  • 3 Important Things to Consider When Shopping for a New Fence

    A fence installation can breathe renewed life into your property, protect your assets, and keep pets and children safe. However, you’ll want to make sure that you choose the right fence for your needs, that the fence fits your neighbors’ expectations, and that you have a proper survey performed in order to determine the location of your property lines. Continue reading to find out more.

    The Type of Fence You Want
    There are several different materials and styles of fencing to consider. If you’re seeking a privacy fence, for example, you’ll want something with slats that are touching or spaced closely together. Vinyl fencing and wood fencing are good choices for this. Many fencing options can perform multiple roles, including containing your pet, enhancing your home’s curb appeal, and adding security. Speak with your fence company and outline your desires so can narrow down your choices and find the perfect option.

    Your Neighbors’ Wishes
    Good-neighbor fencing provides an agreeable barrier between homes that promotes communication and enhances the appearance of both properties. If you work with your neighbor to choose the right fence, you may be able to split the cost of the fence. If you want a fence that meets only your needs, you’ll need to build it completely within your property lines. Don’t forget to check your local building codes and regulations in your community, if applicable.

    The Locations of Your Property Lines
    Your fence company should work with property surveyors in your area, which can simplify your fence installation process. It’s vital that you know where your property lines are located before the fence installation begins. If you build even an inch past your property line, your neighbor may request that you remove the fence.

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