• Simplify Fence Maintenance with Vinyl Fencing

    Installing vinyl fencing is the perfect solution to avoiding costly and time-consuming maintenance tasks each year. Most manufacturers of this maintenance-free fencing offer extensive warranties, as they’re confident that the product will last for decades to come.

    As this video explains, the biggest advantages that vinyl offers are its splinter-free, warp-free properties. Those interested in installing a vinyl fence around their property should always hire a professional to perform the heavy labor. Installing vinyl fencing requires special tools and a rigorous process of drilling into the earth and concrete to plant the fence posts.

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  • Tips for Being a Good Neighbor When Having a New Fence Installed

    The fence installation process can sometimes be loud and disruptive to your household and your close neighbors. If you’re concerned about the inconveniences that this process may bring to the homeowners around you, there are a few steps you can take to maintain a positive relationship. Of course, your neighbors are sure to love the look of a beautiful new fence in their community once the job is finished. In the meantime, follow these three tips for being a good neighbor when having a new fence installed:

    Inform Neighbors before Construction

    A few weeks prior to your scheduled fence installation, be sure to inform your neighbors of your plans. This will allow them to prepare for any noise or change any formal outdoor plans they may have made. Provide them with a tentative schedule for the construction so they know how long they can expect any minor disruptions.

    Discuss Your Contractor’s Approach

    No matter how lovely the fence will be, your neighbors likely don’t want your new installation encroaching on their property. As a good neighbor, you can eliminate any concerns they may have by discussing the great reputation that your fence company maintains. You can also provide them with a phone number for the contractor or fence installation manager in case your neighbor needs to discuss any issues he or she may have during construction. Also be sure to clear construction with your HOA before your contractor begins work.

    Keep Their Exits Clear

    Although your fence company may temporarily occupy your driveway and street space, do not park your own car in any areas that may inconvenience your neighbors. Blocking any potential exits, such as a driveway or alleyway, creates both an inconvenience and a safety hazard. This simple act can make a big difference in reminding your neighbors that you appreciate their patience during this time.

    The first step in being a good neighbor is to hire a reputable, reliable fencing company like Fence Connection, Inc. Both you and your neighbors will feel confident knowing that trustworthy professionals are hard at work while beautifying the neighborhood. Call us at (847) 388-0321 to learn more about our fencing services.

  • Choosing the Right Type of Commercial Fencing

    If you’re thinking about installing new fencing around your commercial property, you will need to take several important points into consideration before choosing the perfect style. Fence companies offer plenty of great options for commercial properties that can accommodate most needs. Here is a guide to choosing the right type of commercial fencing:

    Consider Surrounding Décor

    For commercial properties that need to attract a certain clientele, such as restaurants, bars, and resorts, it’s important to choose a fencing style that is both welcoming and reflects the look and feel of the establishment. A fence that is too industrial or looks jarring in relation to the rest of the property can be aesthetically unappealing and deter customers from choosing the locale.

    Be Mindful of Height
    Height is a major feature to consider when planning your fence installation. If you need to surround your property with a taller fence, take a look at chain link or other metal models that come in a variety of measurements. Taller fences can be a great option for properties like sports facilities, school campuses, and parks.

    Assess Your Security Needs
    In addition to providing a boundary and adding to the appeal of your property, your fence will act as a source of protection. If you feel that your business and merchandise could benefit from a secure fence, ask your fence company about anti-climb options and models that feature pointed tips on the end of posts. If, however, security is not one of your bigger concerns, stick to more traditional, evenly spaced fencing options that offer more visual appeal.

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